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The company is a design and importer of hand-rolling piano/electronic drums. We are committed to products that meet the needs of modern people. The hand-rolling piano is a mobile instrument. The key part is a roll piano design with a curlable storage, and a music chip equipped with a large electronic piano.In addition to showing flexible portability and convenience, it also takes into account the most important sound quality of piano instruments.

Built-in rich demo songs

A variety of demo songs, increase the feeling of life.

Lightweight and portable, Easy storage

The hand-rolled instrument is light in size, curled and stored, and it can be carried with no burden. It can be played when it is opened, and it can be used when going out.

Recording, sustain, chord function

The recording, sustain and chord functions allow the child to learn the sustain and chord skills. Instant recording, audible recording, correcting errors or strengthening the deficiencies.

Peace of mind

Food-grade environmentally-friendly silicone material, safe, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, so that children can play happily.

KONIX hand roll instrument series

New portable multi-function electronic drum / hand roll pianoAll hand roll piano hand roll electronic drum.

KONIX 49-key rainbow children's hand roll piano

Rainbow keyboard, children learn piano is a good helper.

KONIX Hand Roll Electronic Drum Rock Jazz Edition

Thickened drumhead design with stereo dual speakers.

KONIX 61-key hand roll piano

61KEY standard keyboard, playing the sound quality is closer to the real piano.

Quality, heart, service. Kenis musical instrument from Taiwan, trustworthy.

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